SLGenie FAQs

Do I have to sign up for every Safelist that SLGenie supports?

No, you don't have to sign up to all of them. You can pick and choose whichever ones you want to be a member in and just use those when using SLGenie. However, if you are intending to offer SLGenie to others, you can potentially loose referrals at the SLs you have access to in the "Referral Builder" section if you have not joined all the SLs you have access to and completed all of the referral fields. In the end, it is up to you which SLs you wish to join or not.

Do I have to signup new accounts at the Safelist sites that I'm already a member of?

No! You can check with each SL, but as we understand it you can only have one membership account at or in any given SL. If you're already a member with any given SL supported in SLGenie, then all you need to do is simply enter your existing referral ID# or Username details for that SL into the Referral Builder fields.

I am a member of (name of SL), but do not see it listed... Why?

Chances are that it will be supported in the near future, because we are adding other SLs to the SLGenie all the time. SLGenie also accepts applications from SL advertisers and surfers to have SLGenie add new SLs. If your SL is not listed in SLGenie, please use the form in the "contact us" area of the SLGenie members' area HELP menu and send us a request to add your SL to SLGenie.

I am a Safelist Owner... How do I get my SL listed in SLGenie?

GREAT! We love listing new SLs in SLGenie, and our members love it too! SLGenie is happy to accept applications from SL Owners to have SLGenie add their SL. If your SL is not listed in SLGenie, please use the form in the "contact us" area of the SLGenie members' area HELP menu and send us a request to add your SL to SLGenie. We would also appreciate it very much if you would return to the "contact us" form once you have experienced the influx of traffic and new members you will receive from our having listed your SL, to provide us with a kind of testimonial or sorts, and where we can find your photo online, so we can also add you to our "What Others Are Saying" areas - Another way SLGenie helps SL Owners get exposure. :-)

My SL is not listed, so does that mean I can't use it with the SLGenie?

If You're Pro (Upgraded) member You have the option to add any site you like ("Custom Sites" window in SLGenie). The sites your define will be supported in the reader only and not in the submitter. SLGenie will extract the emails with credit links coming from these sites and will list them in the reader (the first tab of the program).

How much does the SLGenie cost?

It's FREE to test for 14 days! You can signup for a account, and instantly go to the Download and Guides section in the members' area to access and take the download of the SLGenie desktop application. The upgrade option available to our free members is Pro membership plan, which you can purchase via our payment processor, which of course you can cancel at any time. If your 14 days trial expire and you don't like to upgrade you can still stay a free member at SLGenie and have the option to promote it as an affiliate and get commissions paid to you when your referrals upgrade. If you're ready to try the SLGenie out for yourself, you can Join Now Here :-)

Can I make any money with

Absolutely! It wouldn't be as much fun if we didn't share the wealth, right? As a matter of fact, you can earn up to a WHOPPING 75% on every sale you generate through the referral Web site that we give you (we give you a sales Web site, just like this one, 100% FREE as well). When you have finished with our FAQs page here, go check out our "Opportunity" page to see just what you can achieve with your own FREE account, or if you like, you Join Now Here and get started right away!

How do SLGenie members get paid?

All commission payments, and member purchases, are processed via

Who created the SLGenie?

Stanil Dobrev - Chairman, CEO, and CTO,
Stanil Dobrev
Chairman, CEO, and CTO
Webily Ltd.

Hello there, I own :-) My name is Mr. Stanil Dodrev, and I thought of and created the TEBrowser, SLGenie and intelliRotator. My Corporate Offices and staff are located in the Country of Bulgaria. My primary Company's name is "Webily, Ltd" which has been producing very high-end programming and customized Web-based platforms for several Governments and Countries, such as the USA and Australia, as well as for many very large Corporations located all over the world, for many years.
Here are my Company's details:
Webily Ltd.
24 Saedinenie Str.,
6100 Kazanlak,

I welcome you to SLGenie, and I look forward to many years of productivity and success in working with you. Thank you for your interest and for being part of our clients and friends. :-)

SLGenie opened for business to the general public on October 16, 2010, thus the questions herein include the most prevalent and frequently asked questions that we have been asked so far. If you have a question that you would like answered, that is not found here, please feel free to contact us with your question and we will do our best to provide you with an answer in a prompt response via email.

Stanil Dobrev
Safelist Genie "CREATED" For SafeList Users By An Actual SafeList Pro, Who Knew There Had To be An Easier Way! After Months Of Testing The "Perfect System" Can Be Used By Anyone! Get More Done In Less Time Than Ever Before.