What SL Genie can do for you:

Important Notes:

There are some specific notes about GMail - please read carefully point three (3.) below.

SL Genie is not a regular email client software. Although it can be used as such please note that it dosen't have all the features an email client should have - you can not compose and send messages, no reply and forwarding function, etc.
SL Genie is created especially for managing Safelists and it should be used for retrieving the credit emails sent by the other 'Safelists' users.
When you click the "Check Mail" button SL Genie will download only the email messages which are coming from Safelists.
Your regular messages will not be retrieved and will be left on the server (the email inbox) for you to download and read them using your favorite Email Client (Software or Web-based access).

1. Download and Install

Click on the download link with the title "Download SLGenie - ver. 1.0b" and save the installation file (slgenie_setup.exe) on your hard drive (on your desktop for example).
Run the setup and follow the installation instructions. When the installation is complete you will have a shortcut icon in your start menu for "SL Genie".

Download SLGenie - ver. 1.0, build 1175

Now you're ready to start the program and make the initial configuration.

2. Start SL Genie by clicking on shortcut icon and login

Start SL Genie and login using your registration details (may be the same as other webily details). On the login screen there is an option for saving your details. If you mark this option on the next start of the program your details will be pre-filled in the login form.
Please be careful when you're using this option because this login protects your account detals for all the Safelists, managed in the program. So if there are other people except yourself who have access to your computer you shouldn't use this feature for automatic login, because everybody can start the program and steal the login details for the Safelist sites.

3. Initial configuration

After you start SL Genie first you need to setup your email accounts that you're using as a list emails on the Safelist Sites.
They're configured for POP3 access, similar to how you set them up in your email client program (Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.).
To setup the email accounts please click "Settings". On this window on the left side you will see a blank table with headers "Mail Server, Port, Username...".
To add an email click on the "Add New" button, below the table. This will add a new row in the table and you should fill in the POP3 details for your email. You can get these details from your email hosting/provider. In most cases if the email is registered under your own domain name the POP3 settings will look like this:

Mail server: mail.yourdomain.com
Port: 110
Username: yourname@yourdomain.com
Password: [your password]

The last column in the table are not POP3 setting, but directions to SL Genie:
Disabled - if you mark this checkbox SL Genie will not check this email box when you click the "Check Mail" button. The program will skip this email and will go to the next (if there's any) in the table.

Here are the typical POP3 settings for GMail:

Mail server: pop.gmail.com
Port: 995
Username: yourname@gmail.com
Password: [your password]
SSL: Yes

To get the exact settings please login to GMail and go to "Settings -
Forwarding and POP/IMAP"
click on the "Configuration instructions" links in the "POP Download" section.
While you're on this screen you should allow POP3 access to your GMail account - mark one of the 2 options saying "Enable POP for...".
You should also make a selection in the box with a title "When messages are accessed with POP".
Very Important - my recommendation is for selecting "Delete Gmail's copy", but only in case the email address is used only as a list email on the Safelists sites. If this is a regular email that you're using for personal contacts and business mail you shouldn't use this "delete" option.
But note that all the other options will leave copies of the messages in your Gmail. With the amount of credit emails that you will receive from Safelists your inbox will be full with thousands of emails in few days, especially if you're using 5, 6 or more of the popular Safelists.
I highly recommend - if you're using Gmail please create one email account that will be used exclusively and only for Safelists list email. And for this account select the "delete" option explained above.

4. Setup Safelists Accounts

Please click "SL Accounts" tab. You will see real power of SL Genie here - just fill in username and password for the Safelists you're already using, click the Update button and all the important account details will be retrieved automatically by SL Genie.
If you like you can manually select the folder where the email messages of every Safelists should be stored.
And there is only one more column which you should manually set (optional) - just mark "HTML Message" if you want to send the messages for the Safelist in html format. You should know if a Safelist (and your upgrade level at this Safelist) will allow you to send HTML messages before you check this box.

5. Custom Sites.

SL Genie can retrieve account stats and can submit emails, ads, referral ids in semi-automated manner for all the Safelists supported. For this functionality I write site definitions for every Safelist separately. That's why there is a list of supported Safelists.
But you're not limited to just those defined Safelists. There is a "Custom Sites" section where you can manage and organize other sites which are using credit-based mailing. SL Genie will not support them in the submit wizard and will not retrieve the account details automatically, but they will be supported in the mail reader - you just need to define the format of the credit URLs and SL Genie will retrieve all the emails, containing credit links. And now like the full-supported Safelists when you click the message in the inbox SL Genie will show the message and will load the credit URL in the browser.
You can also fill in manually the account details for these sites for your own record.

6. Settings

On the "Settings Tab" there are some options which I will explain here:

The table on the top right with the email accounts is already explained in Step 3.

7. Reading credit Mails ("Read/Inbox" tab)

All the above explanations are for how you setup the program.
The activities you should perform regularly daily are reading credit emails and submitting your emails and ads.
Please go to "Read/Inbox" tab.
When you click the "Check Mail" button SL Genie will retrieve the credit mails for all the Safelists you're using (for which you have entered username in account manager) and for all the custom sites you have defined.
The messages will be stored in different folders depending on your selection in the accounts manager. If you haven't selected a folder for any Safelist (or custom site) then the messages coming from this safelist will go in the default "Inbox" folder.

Note that you can manage the directory tree under the "Read/Inbox" tab on the left side.
Operations are accessible from the contextual popup (right click) menu of the tree list - "New Folder", "New Subfolder", "Delete Folder".
To rename a folder please select it and then click it again (similar to double click but with a second between the 2 clicks).

Once the email messages are downloaded you can see all the details in a list format - safelist, subject, time sent, sender, recipient, message ID, safelist Id and credit level (for this safelist).
When you click on a line in the list the message will be loaded below on the left side.
If you double-click on a line then the messages will be loaded on the left side and credit URL (extracted from the message) will be loaded in the browser on the right side.
The Reader tab will change the caption to the name of the safelist where the message is comming from. The tab will be highlighted in blue for few seconds as defined in the accounts manager ("timer" column for the Safelist) + the seconds defined in "Extra surf time" on "settings" tab. After that time the tab will be highlighted in green (saying that the Safelist timer has elapsed). Note that if there is a verification image loaded for the Safelist the tab will go red, instead blue (so you can easily recognize that you need to enter the security number).
You can switch between the tabs and load more than one message at once.

8. Send Credit Mail

When you have enough credits earned from reading emails you're ready to ue the credit-based mailers (The REAL Power of the SL Genie) of the Safelists to submit your message(s).
Go to "Submit/SignUp" tab.
In action drop-down field select "Send Mail". Next to "Profile" field click "Add New" and in the popup window fill in your message details (Subject, the URL you promote, Message in plain text format and Message in HTML format). Input a name for the profile and click "Save".

Note that here in the message you can use custom and global tags as you have defined in the account manager (how to use these tags will be explained in details in a video guide).

So once you have saved the profile. You can use it now and on next submit(s). Save as many profiles as you like.
Now you can click the ">" button next to Website field to go through all the Safelists or you can select particular safelist from the drop-down and then click "Go!".
When the safelist is loaded (and you login if needed) the browser will go to the credit mailer page and all the fields will be pre-filled with the text you have stored in the profile. You just need to check if everything is filled in correctly and click the submit button.
When the message is sent you will see the confirmation page on the site you should click the "Mail complete" button. When you do that SL Genie will make 2 things:
1) it will save a log in the "Mailing history" tab.
2) It will save the time when you have sent the email in account manager. If "Mailing Frequency" is entered SL Genie will calculate the time when you can send your email next.
Then you're ready to go to the next Safelist. Click the ">" button or select another Safelist from the drop-down list.

9. Other submit actions

All the other submit actions work very similar to credit mailer (explained in step 8. above).
You just select the action, select (or create new) profile and then go through all the Safelists you like.
Note that not all sites support all the actions (for example not all the Safelists have Downline Builder). After you select an action in the Safelists drop-down list there will be only those Safelists which support the selected action.

It may seem like alot to setup but once you do just a couple of safelists you will see how easy it really is.

10. Shortcuts

The shortcuts listed in the table below can be used in the "Read/Inbox" tab to make reading of the emails more easy and fast.

Shortcut What it does
Ctrl - A Select All. If the list of email messages is focused all the emails will be selected.
Del Delete selected. If the list of email messages is focused the selected emails will be deleted.
Ctrl - Del Delete by Safelists. If the list of email messages is focused and one message is selected then all the messages from the Safelists matching the Safelists of the selected message will be deleted.
Enter If the list of email messages is focused then the selected message will be opened for reading and the credit link will be loaded.
Ctrl - Right Arrow Move to the next reader tab
Ctrl - Tab Move to the next reader tab
Ctrl - Left Arrow Move to the previous reader tab
Ctrl - Shift - Tab Move to the previous reader tab
F5 If a reader is focused the loaded web page will be reloaded.
F6 SL Genie will start checking the emails.
Esc Cancel the checking of the emails.
Gtrl - Down Arrow Move the focus from the list of emails to the reader below.
Gtrl - Up Arrow Move the focus from the reader to the list of emails above.
Gtrl - 1 Move the focus to the first form field in the active reader. Very useful to focus the input field when there is verification (captcha) code on a Safelist page.

You may want to Print this page for easy reference.