"Your Software Is Fantastic...."


You have turned a SafeList Hater into a Safelist Lover

I tried using safelists in my marketing in the past. As far as I was concerned they took way too much time to get things set up. Between the email accounts and the calendars that needed to be set up (Just so I could remember when to send to the safelists).

Well let's just say way to much of a hassle. SL Genie put it all in a nice and neat little package. So easy to understand a caveman can NOW do it.

For once a GREAT value for the dollar! I am willing to bet that SafeList owners will be bidding big money in order to have there safelist listed with your Amazing software.

I am amazed to say the least, that I can actually read what the member is saying about the program they are promoting. The easy access schedule for my mailing is PERFECT along with the auto fill. WOW! Knowing what safelist I need to read emails is a life saver.

You should be crowned the'Keep It Super Simple' King of software developers.

Keep Up The GREAT WORK!!
Thanks A Million...

Nick Anderson

Hi Stanil,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for creating Safelist Genie. I've been using SLG for several days now, and it's just absolutely fantastic!

It's very rare I actually come across a program that I am really excited about nor make personal recommendations but Safelist Genie is an exception -- IT ROCKS!

I am a member to several safelists and TAEs and managing them has been a HUGE headache - very time consuming - even though I had a system of my own in place it didn't even come close to what Safelist Genie does for me.

I can quickly surf my credit based emails in like no time flat and earn credits. Not to mention, I can submit my ads to 20 different safelists in LESS than 5 minutes.. I actually timed it..

My old way of submitting my ads took me 19 mins and 41 secs providing I had all my ads read to go). With Safelist Genie - ONLY 4min and 10 secs to submit 20 ads!!!

Not only have you saved me TONS of time Stanil, but SLG keeps all my ad campaigns in one spot and keeps me organized.

So again, Stanil thank you for creating what I feel it one of the best safelist submission, reader tools out there!

Keep up the great job!

Dawn Orr
Tiger Solo Ads Plus

"This Program Is the biggest and best change in Safelist Marketing I've seen....."

Stanil thank you,

This program is just what is needed by my members of MySafelistMailer.com.

As an owner of a Safelist and a user of many I find one of the biggest problems is the admin side of managing so many Safelist membership emails, your program now makes this simple. No more messing about with gmail filters.

My members will now not only be able to click on credit links with ease but are also able to view the ads they link to very clearly and can on one page view all the details of each Safelist they are members of.

The set up of the information you need is straight forward and your updates of other Safelists is very timely & useful, the time this will save my members is fantastic, I'm just surprised that after evaluating and using this program that this has not been done before.

This is the biggest addition in Safelist marketing I have seen.

Thank you
Owner www.MySafelistMailer.com

The Safelist Genie is awesome and in my mind the best thing since sliced bread came out. I am amazed at how much easier and faster sending out mails and collecting credits has become. Being a newbie in the internet marketing world and having to work on a shoestring budget i was promoting using a spreadsheet, it took me HOURS and HOURS.

I cannot imagine my life without the Safelist Genie, thank you so much for giving us a system that has made so many time consuming functions like downline builders so much easier.

I love it!!!!

Antoinette Vosloo
AV Enterprises

Stanil Dobrev
Safelist Genie "CREATED" For SafeList Users By An Actual SafeList Pro, Who Knew There Had To be An Easier Way! After Months Of Testing The "Perfect System" Can Be Used By Anyone! Get More Done In Less Time Than Ever Before.